Australia wants to identify all social media users with digital IDs

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Australia wants to uniquely identify all social media users with digital IDs

Anyone who spends time on social media and is active there is to be able to be uniquely identified with a digital ID in Australia from now on. There is a lot of discussion about biometric and digital identification. Politicians and the digital industry are leading the way. The corporations also expect better business from this measure. The advantage for politicians would be improved control over citizens. Privacy and anonymity on the Internet will no longer exist in the future. Never before have so many fundamental rights been so severely attacked and simultaneously abolished in such a short period of time.

Unpleasantly noticed

Recently, Australia came into the spotlight with the complete ZeroCovid measure. The vaccination campaigns also caused Australia to attract unpleasant attention. Now, an expansion of the vaccination passport is being planned. The full digital identity is to be completely disclosed. De-anonymization is on the agenda. Mainly, social media accounts are affected. Allegedly, this is to banish online trolling.

Age is not the only factor

Many attempts have been launched by the government to verify the identity and age of citizens online. Various age verification programs have been proposed. With the help of this software, the age of the person can be determined when he or she accesses a device and is on the Internet. Concerns have been raised about privacy and freedom of expression.

Identity programs are implemented

Some sensitive protocols have also been leaked in the meantime for this purpose. Such digital identity programs can also be used to identify people who want to hide behind an anonymous account. Allegedly, Australia also wants to use them to gain more insight into the fight against misinformation. Whether or not this will actually start the fight against the technology giants and against the spread of false information remains to be seen. Internet companies are forced to disclose their data due to a law of the media regulator when it comes to such spread misinformation.

Misinformation on the social platforms

It is claimed that it should be the digital platforms that take responsibility. These providers must become active when it comes to misleading or dangerous content. By the way, this refers to the platforms Twitter, Google and Facebook.