Cameras monitor the area around Tesla

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Cameras monitor the area around Tesla

At Tesla, the surroundings of a vehicle are actually monitored by cameras. Data protectionists are sounding the alarm, and Tesla is being targeted and sued because of this monitoring. With regard to CO2 emissions, the company repeatedly comes under fire. Nevertheless, the watchdog function must be seen from a different angle. Data protection violations are the order of the day.

Electric car maker Tesla crosses borders

The U.S. electric car manufacturer Tesla has now been sued by the Federal Association of German Consumer Organizations. The statements were said to be misleading when it came to CO2 savings. The sentinel mode is used for environmental monitoring. At the moment, the lawsuits have been filed with the Berlin Regional Court.

Behind the scenes, this type of data collection also has to do with advertising. The company also advertises with special incentives to make a special impression on the buyer. Anyone who buys a Tesla can supposedly reduce CO2 emissions in car traffic overall. In reality, however, the situation is different. The rights for the CO2 emissions of its own fleet have been sold by Tesla to other car manufacturers.

Another accusation is that the guard function cannot be used in public spaces in compliance with data protection regulations. This is because the cameras monitor the surroundings accordingly and store the recordings. Allegedly, this process should only serve to protect the vehicles.

Normally, it would then be necessary to obtain consent for data processing from random passers-by in each case before this happens. These recordings are therefore made without any reason. The driver risks a fine each time as a result.

Federal Data Protection Commissioner and responsible Federal Motor Transport Authority

In addition, there are quite a few loopholes in the approval process, which the federal association also criticizes. In spite of these massive data protection deficiencies, Tesla's monitoring has in fact been approved. In this respect, there must be better cooperation between the Federal Data Protection Commissioner and the responsible Federal Motor Transport Authority. A data impact assessment must be guaranteed.