Cycle tracking - A dangerous trend

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Cycle tracking - A dangerous trend

Meanwhile, it is no longer just users' GPS data that is being collected by data tentacles - other cases related to cycle tracking have also become known in the recent past. In the U.S., there were numerous cases where a pregnancy was correctly identified just by an Internet search. So it was no coincidence that users were confronted with many ads for baby clothes endlessly before the pregnancy was even made public. Meanwhile, advertisers can almost even predict who has been pregnant before or define who is no longer pregnant. Large sums of money are paid for such information.

Advertising is played out to the maximum

Nowadays, various common technologies are used to display advertisements. This is an important tool with high potential. This means, for example, data related to:

  • Past behavior
  • Search terms
  • Location data

This information is cleverly combined to better identify the needs of customers. It probably won't be long before the machinery also uses these technologies to put pressure on people. For now, the tools are being used to stimulate consumption.

Apps function like parasites

Data privacy advocates advise that an app with cycle tracking be immediately removed from the smartphone and deleted. Unfortunately, however, the profit incentives for companies are too extensive, and most of the data is already in the network. Evaluation and marketing are immediate. Almost all daily social actions are infested with such parasitic advertising technology. The body and life of users will soon be nothing more than plain raw material for their own value chains.