Dangerous Challenges on TikTok

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Dangerous Challenges on TikTok

TikTok is a very popular social network, many 1000 new users are added every day. The same applies to the challenges that are distributed via TikTok. The so-called challenges are quite extreme in the truest sense of the word. Some of these challenges are more than life-threatening. It is a phenomenon, because there are always many imitators who participate.

The social network TikTok is relatively skilful in constantly providing new content that is posted by the community. The range should not be underestimated, there is a lot of variety in everyday life. Because the entertainment value is so high, the number of users is also increasing every day. A great many people try to put themselves in the limelight on TikTok. This is what drives the social network to a large extent. This works not least because of the entertaining challenges, which have a virtually worldwide appeal. Some of them are harmless, others are very dangerous.

The dangerous phenomenon from the net

Those who take on these tasks often take a risk. Sometimes it even goes so far that people cut off their own air. False information, or so-called hoaxes, also cause confusion. It's the same with chain letters, which are distributed using videos on TikTok. For example, it is claimed that there are thousands of people who have died as a result of a corona vaccination. Tests of courage, which are very dangerous, are the order of the day. There have even been some suicides by young people associated with it recently.

Solutions are needed

Because there have recently been several deaths related to these tasks on TikTok, solutions for these challenges are now being intensively sought. These solutions are required by the state government. However, such legal regulations cost the user money. In Italy, a ten-year-old girl recently died of asphyxiation, so critical voices are being raised again and again.

Mainly intended as fun

Most tests and tasks are considered fun rather than risky. Mainly thirteen- to nineteen-year-olds are affected. It is always difficult when fake news on TikTok is to be recognized as such in order to avoid false information. This is precisely where action is needed.

It is particularly interesting for younger fans on TikTok to get the latest news. It happens all the faster that these fake news and videos from TikTok are then also spread. A good interaction between various social platforms, educational organizations as well as schools and parents is needed.

In the future, the TikTok platform wants to use more technical tools to prevent such dangerous challenges. TikTok has its own security center for this purpose.