EU Commission wants chat control

EU Commission wants chat control

The European Commission wants to be able to screen all chat messages in the future. There is talk of a so-called chat control. There is already a draft law for this. All content of sent messages is to be checked and controlled with the help of a special artificial intelligence. Of course, this also includes images and video content. We are talking about client-side scanning.

All citizens are affected

All devices of all citizens are examined with it. If there is a suspicious case, it is forwarded to the authorities. The focus is supposedly on the fight against child abuse. Whether or not this is the right thing to do remains to be seen. This surveillance tool could also be a huge drawback. According to this idea, if a criminal makes contact with a child, it should appear immediately. It is the same with images of child abuse. Either this information is then passed on to the police or to the supervisory authority. This is a mass scan.

No target-oriented approach

Accordingly, confidential communications are also affected. However, if someone has such criminal intentions, such controls can be circumvented anyway. Thus, the perpetrators are again not caught. In addition, the data is only transmitted in encrypted form, which makes monitoring all the more difficult. In addition, two fundamental rights of citizens will be suspended. On the one hand, this refers to the fundamental right to guarantee confidentiality and integrity, and on the other hand to the secrecy of telecommunications. Because there are some additional error rates, the system can quickly become overloaded. Mountains of irrelevant material will pile up. This will make the investigative work even more difficult. Therefore, it is out of the question whether this kind of artificial intelligence should actually be used for crowd control or not.