Facial recognition reaches a questionable next level

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Facial recognition reaches a questionable next level

DNA facial models are said to be derived from the company Corsight AI. However, this is a very dubious procedure. Critical voices are raised when it comes to the direction in which facial recognition will develop.

A company from Israel

Corsight AI is an Israeli company. Using this tool, the DNA of various individual people is linked to a facial recognition system so that the data can be retrieved and verified at any time. This works in conjunction with artificial intelligence. The tool creates a physical profile based on the analysis of genetic material. The genetic material comes from a DNA sample. Mainly, this technology will be used by law enforcement and government agencies.

No serious scientific basis

However, the scientific basis for this is not yet in place. Both data protection and ethical problems still need to be solved. These continue to be frequently caused and exacerbated by facial recognition technology. Industry also plays an important role in this regard in connection with facial recognition and the tool. In the future, people will be identified by all available means.

Face recognition in combination with DNA sample

Previously, there was no software that related the DNA sample to a facial recognition product. So-called confidence values are used as a basis. These are combined with skin color or eye color. The final face models are assembled by forensic artists. Other descriptions, such as age and weight, are also added. Allegedly, the software helps solve criminal cases. In recent years, there have apparently been several hundred.