Fake number for advertising calls

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Fake number for advertising calls

Advertising calls that are unwanted can be averted with a good trick. Such calls are a nuisance and cost a lot of nerves, and sometimes they even cost a lot of money. That is why there is a free solution on the part of the Federal Network Agency. This is a simple way to stop the terror on the phone.

Phone number is often required

It is often mandatory to disclose your landline or cell phone number when placing orders or using services. Sometimes this even makes sense, but at the same time it means a huge collection of data. Later, there are annoying calls that are perceived as downright spam.

The best strategies

However, something can be done about this, there is a useful strategy for it. The goal is to use your own real cell phone number sparingly. However, it is often an obligation to deposit one's own phone number. Therefore, a fake number is an ideal solution. In real life, this solution performs well.

Useful helpful services

Everyone can protect themselves with the so-called fake numbers in order to remain immune from these unwanted callbacks. Numbers are available for various local networks, such as Munich, Hamburg and Berlin. Numerous mobile numbers are also available. Exactly these numbers are not assigned in the long run. Anyone who calls there is told that the number is not assigned.

The service called "Frank geht ran" is also ideal in this context. This is provided by a separate association. With this variant, the announcement lasts for 24 seconds after the call. The announcement states that no telephone contact is desired. However, such numbers are not always accepted by the online forms.

A good reason to be frugal

In general, it's a good idea to always be sparing with your own cell phone number. Of course, this has nothing to do with the new friends from the sports club, it's more about sharing it online after using certain services. Automatically, this caution avoids receiving callbacks from annoying callers. This is exactly why fake phone numbers are so in demand and popular.