Google with new business model "Privacy"

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You can earn a lot of money with user data. Google is a showcase example. No other company knows us better and because of this data, the group can place ads perfectly. For example, Google made $ 30.7 billion in advertising in the first quarter alone. Is Google the new angel in privacy, or just the wolf in sheep's clothing?

Photo by Christian Wiediger / Unsplash

Google has become a privacy advocate. At least that's what they say. But it is not credible, it looks like they do not want to make their reputation any worse and therefore jump on the same bandwagon as Apple, Facebook and Microsoft. After all, these companies are "really worried about your data". According to Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google understands that privacy has become more important to users and is responding to it. So it is enough, thanks to the advances in machine-learning, to use only smaller data sets to filter out information about users. Thus, AI technologies could be used to make products with less data more useful. Experts believe that less data will not hurt Google's advertising business.

But is not that the same as before? The difference is that you need smaller sets of data to train neuronal networks, but then get exactly the same information as if they intercept the data directly. The end result is the same.

Google will continue to collect data about users. A new product developed by Google gives you an enormous "convenience". It is a voice-operated assistant. Nothing new, really. Somehow, everyone wants to have a butler. For example, this assistant makes it easy to buy your mother's favorite flowers on her birthday by voice control. The personal information supposedly remains on the phone, only the metadata are visible to Google.

Well, whoever believes it …