Hillary Clinton manipulated up to 16 million votes through Google

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Former Google employee Zach Vorhies has published that Google has manipulated elections for several years in favor of Democrats. A specialist was invited by the US Senate, Robert Epstein, who published an interesting analysis.

First, a short summary of the report of the former Google employee: he reported that the job of some Google programmers is to censor politically relevant content and control it in order of importance so as to label certain topics as unimportant. This means, for example, that Pro-Trump articles have been classified as unimportant and have been displayed in the back pages, where of course no one is looking.

The US Senate became aware of this and invited a specialist in the field, Robert Epstein, by the way a longtime Clinton supporter.

So Robert Epstein analyzed Google strategies before and during the 2016 presidential election. The result: targeted Pro-Clinton manipulation drew 2.6 to 16 million votes on Clinton's side. Had it not been announced before the elections that Clinton sold state secrets, she would now be President of the United States.

Trump tweeted in response:

Of course Hillary Clinton could not ignore that and tweeted the following:

In her tweet, she says the study is based on 21 voters. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true since Robert Epstein has analyzed 100,000 pages related to the election and tested their effect on electoral decisions with a smaller group to come up with the 2.6-16 million estimated manipulated voices. It is in line with the usual methods of behavioral psychology. Too bad, Clinton.

Since Robert Epstein now had to cleanse his reputation because Hillary published this tweet, he also tweeted back:

He also published an interesting link between Google and Hillary Clinton:

"A leaked email from 2014 shows that Google boss Eric Schmidt has offered to organize Hillary's online campaign. The fact is, Schmidt funded the secret technology company Groundwork whose sole purpose was to get Clinton into office."

Apparently, Google is quite keen to have a puppet as president. Sure, because whoever directs the American president, directs the world.

This shows once again how much Google manipulates people for its own benefit. We should wake up and not continue to support Google with page views and additional ad revenue. Because in the end we are to blame that Google is so powerful, because we give it this power. And our mistakes have almost made Google the leader of the world.

Here is a video clip with live test on Google manipulation. At Swisscows, the search results are not manipulated, as you can see in the video: