How do I protect myself from data misuse?

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Anyone who goes online automatically leaves behind traces or information about their personal data. It is therefore all the more important to heed the most important tips for protection against data misuse. The topic of security should always be placed in the foreground, and data protection should have priority.

Your own email address

Your own personal email address should not be used carelessly either when shopping online or in social networks. If you use your own data sparingly, you are doing the right thing. It is therefore best to disclose only what is absolutely necessary. Otherwise, the data may fall into the wrong hands. An online retailer always asks for the email address for a confirmation of the order. However, it becomes difficult with online games or in forums. The same applies to a spam email in the inbox.

The transmission of unencrypted data

For the best protection, no unencrypted data should be transmitted. A similar situation arises, for example, when shopping online with a credit card or direct debit authorization. The data for the payment should never be transmitted unencrypted. Otherwise, it is possible to intercept this data, criminals often use this loophole. It is therefore all the more important to always look for the special lock symbol in the browser window when such data is transmitted. This is how encrypted data transmission is indicated.

Do not use a dubious online store

Furthermore, it is important not to use dubious online stores. Not everyone is an honest trader. So-called fake stores are set up to deceive consumers. These fake online stores do not provide any information about the payment methods or the imprint. A brief search on the Internet can be helpful. It is just as important to pay attention to various customer experiences if there are negative entries about this.

Save password

Passwords should never be stored on public computers. If you want to log in, you need the verified password. It is possible to store the passwords on the computer via the so-called cookies. However, this should be avoided in an Internet café. These cookie lists are also sometimes read and evaluated by computer viruses.

Reading the general terms and conditions

Very often, it is necessary for the user to register with an Internet service or social network. It is therefore advisable to take a closer look at the general terms and conditions. The bottom line is that it is always helpful to pay attention to the corresponding seals of approval. As a result, the buyer has secure and reliable information or orientation that his own data is being handled seriously and correctly. This is the only way to find out whether an online shop is trustworthy.