Is the darknet dangerous?

Many assessments, rumors and speculations are directly related to the darknet. Few can actually explain what this dark part of the Internet really holds. For many, the definition is a mystery. Basically, however, the darknet is a part of the Internet that simply works differently than the rest of the worldwide web. This mainly refers to encryption and anonymity. Therefore, it is all the more beneficial to know the most important facts and data about the darknet. It is not for nothing that the enormous trading volume now amounts to more than 550 million euros. The darknet is therefore much more than just a marginal phenomenon.

It is very difficult to estimate the size of this hidden network. Mainly, these are pages that cannot be found via Google and other search engines. The regularly accessible Internet is therefore less comprehensive. Overall, the darknet is estimated to be up to 500 times larger. However, there are no exact figures on this. Of course, such a site does not automatically have to be dangerous. Examples of this are websites of the US weather records or data platforms of NASA. These pages are not found via the regular search engines.

The darknet is a part of the invisible Internet. It is very difficult to determine the actual percentage. The software for this is anonymized. Basically, everything for which there is a demand can be found there. This can be websites or forums. By the way, this also includes marketplaces where the user can buy practically anything.

Illegal from darknet

The rules in darknet marketplaces are particularly limited, with the harsh law of supply and demand taking precedence. Those who spend time on the darknet can, for example, buy chemical drugs, marijuana or prescription drugs and be supplied accordingly. However, it also includes illegal activities and services. Unfortunately, more serious forms of crime are also offered on the darknet. These include illegal pornography or the service of a contract killer. In order to use the darknet, special software is required.

Nevertheless, even the darknet is not 100% anonymous. However, if you want to carry out special Bitcoin transactions and remain anonymous, you can use the darknet service for this purpose. Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are directly connected to the darknet. Basically, the darknet does not stop at any country in the world. Anyone who buys and orders goods and services on the darknet can do so anonymously. Nevertheless, such a purchase is not safe, the service or goods may never arrive or be claimed. Most offers are therefore illegal.