Monitoring with Clearview

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Monitoring with Clearview

Clearview is a company that manufactures and continuously develops a so-called biometric facial recognition technology. The software is primarily used by companies that identify and monitor people. In addition, it is used in law enforcement agencies.

How does the Clearview software work?

The software uses a large database that is constantly growing. Images from social media and other publicly accessible websites are used. As soon as a user uploads an image of a person, Clearview searches directly for similar images in the database and tries to identify the person. The results are displayed to the user within a few seconds.

He can also see the sources of the photos. In some cases, the use of the software is also reported critically. Some people find that using facial biometric recognition technology to monitor someone without their knowledge or consent is an invasion of privacy.

They also have concerns about data security. After all, photos are very sensitive files that no third party should be able to see easily.

Total surveillance on the way?

In some countries, entire neighbourhoods are filmed to quickly detect and solve crimes. Clearview and other manufacturers will also work on other technologies, such as a license plate scanner, to enable some kind of motion tracking. In addition, special camera software will be developed in the future that can detect weapons and drugs quickly and reliably. Under this pretext, it is at least always carried out.

Clearview facial recognition is able to identify people very accurately. However, all prevailing rules and laws should always be observed. Otherwise, people’s privacy can quickly be restricted, which should be considered urgently. In addition, it is software that may be faulty and may be manipulated by hackers.

So it can be said that face recognition is very useful in certain situations. However, there are many risks, as mentioned above. So every user has to decide for himself what is more important for him.