No one should trust an iPhone or iPad that is turned off

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No one should trust an iPhone or iPad that is turned off

It is always possible for criminals to spy on the owner via the iPhone or iPad, even if the device is switched off. The focus is always on GPS monitoring. Only a few know about the applicable security measures. In many cases, it is almost impossible to prevent users from being spied on. One camera is no longer enough, there must be several. However, this also favors criminal activities in the background.

It is the same with the microphone. Therefore, it is no wonder that vast amounts of private user data can go directly to the big corporations. The iPhone has become the perfect surveillance device. It is the same with the iPad. The manufacturers are well aware of this situation. It is mainly due to the numerous additional sensors that today's smartphones are equipped with. Clever programs from criminals can now bypass various security measures directly and without problems.

A huge market for spy programs

In the meantime, the market for such spy programs has grown significantly. Many apps access the smartphone camera directly. Experts therefore recommend taking a close look at the installed apps. If you want to check this, you can look in the device administrator section to see which apps have been installed and which appear to be foreign. When it comes to administrator rights, these are very far-reaching. Access to the camera is usually affected.

Conversations are listened to via the microphone

With the help of the microphones, it is no problem to listen to conversations - this is also possible when the device is switched off. Sound recordings can be made even when the device is supposedly turned off. There are also software versions that only simulate a switched-off device. In this case, the iPhone looks switched off, but the spyware is running in the background. The malicious software can change the switch-off process accordingly.

This can lead to a direct attack, for example to eavesdrop on conversations. In the same way, however, calls can be intercepted and SMS can be read. This happens even though the display stays dark all the time. The owner has no way of knowing.