Roblox is the new dangerous children's social network

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Roblox is the new dangerous children's social network

The online game Roblox has now developed into a veritable social network. However, this also entails some dangers. This platform should not be underestimated. This is the opinion not only of Internet criminologists, but also of other experts.

Almost no online game is as successful as Roblox. There are now more than 150 million active users. This makes the platform very valuable - there is talk of around 30 billion US dollars. This game especially appeals to teenagers and children. Especially during the Corona Pandemic, it offers the ideal diversion on the tablet or cell phone. Children can not only play, but also contact each other via chat.

The long history

In 2008, the platform started as a game, it is a modular system. Roblox is reminiscent of Minecraft and Lego. From the beginning, younger players were the target. Using the modular system, everyone creates the world as they like it. Different genres are chosen. Whether it's cops and robbers or various building games is up to the user. Optical individualization of the character is also a possibility. Real money is used to buy the virtual currency.

The social network for the little ones

Roblox functions like a social network for the children, which appealed to many, especially during the lockdown phase and Corona. Supposedly, there is a strict security system in place. Many chat texts are filtered by a team.

The platform is also said to focus on internet safety and child safety in the background. Activities that are perceived as dubious or unpleasant can be reported immediately.

Cybergrooming and Roblox

Nevertheless, this platform is often a breeding ground for cybergrooming. Pedophiles try to use it to establish sexual contact with children and young people. This works either via videos or chats. This type of sexual harassment is also directly related to Roblox. Although users' chat behavior is supposedly monitored online, many opportunities remain open for people with malicious backgrounds.

Educating children

With regard to Roblox, it is especially important on the part of parents to educate children. Every user should be sensitized accordingly before appearing in the game. The child cannot know what the online counterpart's intentions are. This is exactly where the mistrust begins. People often try to distract the child from playing on Roblox in order to communicate on other platforms. Therefore, it is important for parents to be alert. Children should not disclose personal data under any circumstances. Under no circumstances should the platform be changed, and the phone number must also remain secret. Furthermore, it is important that children only get their own smartphone when they are ready for it. Parents should also pay attention to the age ratings. The Internet still holds many dangers for children.

In principle, parents should always be careful when their children are online alone. Online games or chat rooms are often abused. This is particularly the case during the Corona pandemic. Although it seems that Roblox takes its responsibility seriously, there are still many security gaps. If a child cannot see his friends because of the pandemic, such online games seem to be the perfect substitute. Nevertheless, special caution is required in this area.