Saxony-Anhalt gets out on Facebook

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Saxony-Anhalt has now also recognized it. Saxony-Anhalt will be the first federal state to remove its Facebook presence from the net. It has recognized that data protection is an important issue and wants to close the Facebook page with more than 12,000 subscribers.

Facebook Homepage - Social Media
Photo by Con Karampelas / Unsplash

"Of course, we also want to reach the citizens of Saxony-Anhalt on the channels where they themselves are active," said Rainer Robra, Head of the State Chancellery. But Facebook's still not legally compliant approach to data protection does not allow the site to be continued. The problem is that Facebook does not want to compromise and is not willing to cooperate.

Saxony-Anhalt, however, wants to reactivate the page if Facebook guarantees right-wing operation. But does Facbook need that? They are not dependent on Saxony-Anhalt in any way, and the effort would not be worthwhile for Facebook. Moreover, it would probably be strange if Facebook were to change its data protection policy for Saxony-Anhalt.