Sexual harassment in online games

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Sexual harassment in online games

Children and young people spend a lot of time on the Internet, especially playing online games. Almost everyone has access to a smartphone or tablet. However, this is often exploited by many criminals. A typical example is Fortnite.

There is talk of so-called cyber grooming. Pedophiles have completely different intentions than they pretend. They approach children and young people via various online games. In the game Fortnite, this is not a challenge. Initially, the players seem harmless, but behind it often hides something completely different. Contacts are made with the help of the chats in these online games. Because so many children and young people register with such free online games, the potential is enormous. If such an online game is not moderated or monitored, the risk is all the greater.

Very often, the perpetrators try to lure the children and young people to other platforms. Common interests are feigned. Worldwide, there are usually 10 million users online at the same time, with a total of 250 registrations.

The presence in the schoolyard

Online games are mixing with actual life in the schoolyard. It's becoming more and more the norm. Teenagers and children are under pressure to register and play online. Therefore, parental control is required. A confirmed email address is a prerequisite for this. This is linked to the game account.

Especially in times of the pandemic, such diverse online games are a real trend. Because children and young people try to stay connected even in lockdown, criminals with bad intentions have it much easier. The potential is greater. It is all the more important that the parents react attentively and, above all, provide information and good conversations. Personal data, such as address or telephone number, should never be disclosed. The same applies to pictures and videos.