Smartphone detox: balm for the soul and good for the devices

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Communication, information, entertainment, navigation or shopping - the smartphone has become an indispensable companion in everyday life for most people. Only very few people think about the effects that the use of digital devices has on their own health, creativity, interpersonal relationships and also on the smartphone itself.

Smartphone Detox: What is that?

Smartphone detox is a term that describes a conscious break from the smartphone. This can mean turning off the smartphone completely for a certain period of time, only using it in emergencies, or deactivating certain apps. The goal is to free oneself from constant accessibility, information overload and the pressure to compare, while focusing more on the here and now.

The daily sensory overload

Intensive smartphone use ensures constant sensory overload. Messages constantly trickle in via Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and email, demanding a response more or less promptly. In addition, many people put themselves under pressure for fear of missing some communication or information. There is even a technical term for this social media phenomenon: Fear of missing out - FOMO for short. It should be clear to every cell phone user that this overstimulation sooner or later has a negative impact on the psyche.

Why is time off from the smartphone so important?

Conscious stress reduction is one of the most important reasons for smartphone detox. Anyone who is available around the clock unconsciously puts their body in a permanent state of alert. The result can be problems falling asleep or sleeping through the night, declining concentration and a feeling of being permanently overwhelmed. Researchers have found that excessive cell phone use can also lead to metabolic disorders and obesity. The reason: people who spend three to four hours a day playing games, chatting and calling up information pages hardly have any time left for sports.

This is how smartphone detox works

Various measures can be taken to initiate digital detoxification. The following rules have proven themselves in practice:

  • Set yourself a realistic goal. You don't necessarily have to banish the smartphone for a week. Start with a day or a few hours.
  • Inform your family, friends and colleagues about the project. This way you avoid misunderstandings and you can count on support.
  • Plan your smartphone-free time wisely and look for activities that you enjoy. These can be hobbies, sports, reading, music or meditation.
  • Turn off notifications to avoid distractions from calls or push messages.
  • Ban the smartphone from the bedroom and/or turn off the device during the night. This will help you avoid the temptation to quickly check your incoming messages.

Smartphone detox is a way to take a break from everyday digital life and focus more on the essentials. In addition, the digital break is also good for the devices.

Smartphone Detox: Good for the device

Smartphone detox is not only balm for your own soul, but also the devices themselves benefit from the temporary time out. The less the smartphone is used, the lower the power consumption, which protects resources and the climate. In addition, the life of the smartphone is extended if it is not constantly charged and updated. This saves money and protects the environment.