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Finally we can offer you app from our data secure search engine Swisscows, which serves for absolute security. Swisscows App enables secure web search and provides optimal and non-manipulated search results, privately and anonymously! This is how you protect your privacy!

Swisscows is a data-safe search engine. We take the privacy of our users very seriously.

More and more people are angry about how online companies handle user data. As Swisscows team, we have made it our business to offer Internet users a protected space. To ensure the protection of personal data and privacy on the Internet, we have developed the data-secure search engine Swisscows. By using Swisscows, you reduce the amount of data collected about you many times over. We do not create personal profiles.

•   It is in our DNA to protect every user!

•   We do not save your data!

•   At Swisscows you are 100% anonymous!

•   We have our own servers and do not work with a cloud or with third-party providers!

•   Our data center is located in the Swiss Alps and this is the safest bunker in all of Europe!

More privacy for all internet users! No monitoring, no data storage!

Swisscows does not save any personal information and does not forward any personal information! Absolutely none! We make sure that your private life remains your private life. Swisscows is the efficient alternative for everyone who values data integrity and the protection of privacy. In contrast to other search engines, Swisscows users leave no traces. We do without countless analyzes of our visitors. Your topics, IP addresses and personal information will not be stored or used for additional business purposes.

Download and search with safety!

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