The Swisscows music player

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Most people love to listen to music. This affects all generations as well as genders. The Internet is ideal for these habits. Tablets, smartphones or smart TVs can be found in almost every household. Therefore, it is especially beneficial to use the Internet to listen to music. Unfortunately, many providers also have liabilities associated with this. Many providers require a subscription or monitor the user in all areas. At the same time, you have to expect a lot of advertising when listening to music is offered free of charge. A good example of this is YouTube. The advertising is not only irritating, but also very annoying in the long run. No song or video can simply be played without the user being confronted with annoying ads.

A good alternative is offered on Swisscows.

Swisscows for pure music enjoyment

Swisscows not only offers the ad-free option to listen to music completely without monitoring, but playlists can also be created. Here, the focus is on enjoying the music. No payment is required for this, nor do subscriptions have to be taken out with Swisscows. The user is also not obliged to register. The search requests for the respective piece of music are entered in the search field. The artist or the song title are completely sufficient for this. In addition, a filter can be set to narrow down the favorite song. This automatically means uninterrupted music enjoyment.