TikTok reads everything - even passwords

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TikTok reads everything - even passwords

If you are a fan of TikTok and use the app relatively often, wake up. The operator can not only read every keystroke and every click, but also passwords, credit card information and more. Although the company claims the opposite, critical voices are being raised.

When text is entered into the browser, the system starts. Detailed movements are also recorded and logged. This has been shown by privacy researchers and analyses. The browser not only offers the function of the website, but in addition, a separate code for Java script is installed on the user's device. This allows TikTok to see exactly what the user is doing. It is not yet clear whether this also applies to the Android version. It is certainly the case for the iPhone app.

The slightly different intentions

It is not yet clear what this function is used for by TikTok. However, the Chinese company seems to have other intentions. Theoretically, all user inputs can be recorded. This is more than explosive. According to TikTok, of course, no passwords and explosive data are officially collected. It has not yet been confirmed or proven that this collected data is forwarded to third-party providers.

The impression still arises that everything is seen and recorded in China. This includes:

  • Passwords
  • Locations
  • Voices
  • Biometric features
  • Personal messages
  • Keystrokes
  • Search histories

Data was also read that actually has nothing to do with the platform itself or is related to it. Anyone who is active on TikTok should be aware of this.