VR goggles Oculus Rift turn out to be a data hunter

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VR goggles Oculus Rift turn out to be a data hunter for Facebook

Once upon a time, these very special VR glasses started as a Kickstarter and as an independent project, but now the situation looks very different. The Oculus Rift VR goggles function like a giant data hunter on Facebook. This means that pretty much all data about the user is disclosed. This is information regarding the body size up to the IP address. Facebook is happy about this data.

Meanwhile, many users are happy to have fun with the Oculus Rift VR goggles. However, there is a catch, because recently a very unpleasant discovery was made. In order to use the device, it is necessary to agree to all terms of use. These conditions also refer to sensitive data, such as:

  • IP-Address
  • Location
  • Game collection
  • Body height

Exactly this data is forwarded directly to Facebook. As soon as the glasses are connected to the computer, the data is collected. The information is collected in the background and forwarded to Facebook.

Privacy advocates see a problem

Privacy advocates are sounding the alarm because a large number of gamers are affected. Although new dimensions are opened up with the help of these glasses, there is also an enormous flood of data. With such VR glasses, the perception of reality is completely different, and the same applies to a new way of displaying it. On the one hand, it sounds like VR is now possible for everyone, but on the other hand, enormous amounts of data are being used to pay for it. For many players, a Facebook account is mandatory in order to participate in the community. This automatically leads to a link to the account, because it is mandatory. In this way, the social network should once again become the number one social media. One reason for this is that Facebook has lost many users, especially among the younger generation. Other providers are more popular.

The attempt to create a fake account on Facebook fails. Facebook's artificial intelligence ensures that strict criteria and rules apply. In most cases, a phone number even has to be entered.

Privacy principles are circumvented

Players not only spend a lot of money on this new kind of toy, but also their data. In addition, they have to pay extra for each individual VR game. The game developers have developed a successful concept that brings in a lot of money. There are constant developments. Only very few people are aware that so much data is disclosed by the user and that this also leads to data misuse. The principle of data economy is being violated. By the way, it is also interesting that Facebook has stopped the sale of the VR goggles Oculus Rift in Germany. This is very frustrating for gamers. On the other hand, one can clearly see how much power Facebook enjoys worldwide.