What does Amazon know about me?

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What does Amazon know about me?

With the help of a data disclosure, anyone can find out exactly what information and personal data is known to the market giant Amazon. The data is more comprehensive than most would believe. Not only are all search terms stored in the search engine, but also other details. As far as data protection and the data protection law are concerned, it is not for nothing that critical voices are raised here again and again.

What data is collected?

Amazon stores all data that the user enters through the system. Examples of this are:

·       Orders
·       Addresses
·       Payment details
·       Search terms

This way, Amazon always knows exactly which products are currently being viewed and where the user is clicking. But that's not all.

Data hunter Alexa

Alexa is also a real data hunter from Amazon, everything is recorded. These recordings are saved and summarized in written form beforehand. The data is saved either as text or as an audio file. These recordings are made by Alexa even when the user is not actively using the system. By the way, these rights are granted directly at Amazon as soon as you register as a user at Amazon. If you don't want that, you can't order from Amazon. There are no other options.

Explore more specific details

However, according to the German Federal Data Protection Act, Amazon must provide information about which personal data is collected. This has been mandatory for the market giant since May 2018. To do this, a written request is sent to Amazon, and customer service takes care of it. However, it becomes difficult if Amazon does not want to hand over the data. In this case, the user should always react persistently and request and insist several times on the sending of the stored personal data. If this request is not complied with, it is best to contact the National Commission for Data Protection in Luxembourg.