What is an unsurv project?

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What is an unsurv project?

A so-called unsurv project is designed to automatically locate Big Brother. This means an automatic detection of various video cameras in public areas and rooms. At the same time, the unsurv project refers to permanent offline companions with helpful monitoring reports.

The cities with their surveillance functions

More and more surveillance cameras are being used, especially in public spaces in cities. Most of them can already work with biometric facial recognition or can be retrofitted with the corresponding technology. Therefore, there are many supporters who significantly support the unsurv projects. This creates an up-to-date database of the surveillance cameras already installed in public spaces. Automatic mapping is the central focus. Subsequently, the electronic eyes are localized.

So it is nothing more than a digital defense, for which a documentation directory is used. This works with an online street map - the cameras are marked and displayed on it. However, the right map service must also be selected for this. Most surveillance cameras in the USA as well as in France and Germany are registered. The database for monitoring the cameras is not yet fully complete, in some cases it is outdated data.

The artificial intelligence as support

Artificial intelligence and, among other things, an app from Google's mobile operating system are used to ensure that the current data matches. Special object recognition was built into Google to detect the video cameras. At the moment, this app is still in beta. Therefore, it is not yet offered via the Appstore.

Depending on the monitored zone and type, the detected cameras can be filtered accordingly. These can be superimposed on a road map to subsequently divide into recognizable squares. The automatic capture as well as the direct entries also ensure a dense network. This way, everyone can do their part.

Potential surveillance incidents can also be logged with the help of a specially invented device. Exactly where such surveillance measures find their disproportionate use, they are directly displayed.