When does it become computer game addiction?

When does it become computer game addiction?

Anyone who plays and gambles without end runs the risk of being addicted. For many, the question arises as to when the so-called computer game addiction actually applies, because this can be seen as a disease. The World Health Organization (WHO) recognized the term "gaming disorder" at the beginning of 2018. The disorder, similar to other addictive disorders, is characterized as a pattern of persistent gaming behavior that develops in severity and takes precedence over other life interests such as school, relationships, sleep or work. More than 700,000 children and adolescents are affected throughout Germany.

The total loss of control

Many have completely lost control of the game. Numerous children and teenagers just sit in a dark room in front of the screen while they feed on liquid food or unhealthy food. Strategy games and first-person shooters are the order of the day. There is no time to sleep or eat. Days look just like the nights. Affected people have the feeling that they can no longer leave the game at all. Teammates should not be abandoned. If one stops, everything that has been achieved so far is lost. The game provides a constant feeling of happiness. However, this feeling of happiness is all the more difficult to achieve each time. At some point there are no more friends, the work is neglected. That is why youth addiction centers were set up for this purpose. There, the patient can undergo therapy and, for example, learn new musical instruments or devote himself to sports. Withdrawal is often cold—like most addictions.

The brains of young people

The brains of young people are particularly susceptible to addiction. Adolescents and children quickly feel fascinated by things. Nevertheless, young people are still growing and have difficulty controlling their impulses. This makes it all the more difficult to keep children and teenagers away from such addictions.

When do we speak of addiction?

No one wants to lose their child to the Internet. For parents, this is a horror scenario. That's why it's important to educate children and young people early enough. Many children feel that their computer game allows them to live out their uniqueness and imagination. Digital media represent both a curse and a blessing for children. Nevertheless, these media can often block and hinder brain development. Others, however, focus on digital education. Therefore, it always depends on how the medium is used. Unfortunately, however, the media skills of many parents are also often poor. This is partly because it is a billion-dollar business that involves many addictive factors. 33% of parents do not supervise content that children are exposed to at all. Time restrictions are also rarely given. This makes it all the more important for parents to set age-appropriate limits.

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