Why shouldn't ChatGPT be used in businesses?

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ChatGPT is a text generator based on the use of artificial intelligence. The text robot is able to write human-like texts and communicate with Internet users. The use of ChatGPT in companies offers potential for a large number of application areas.

Possible applications include customer service, marketing and contract management. Here you can find out why companies should still refrain from using this advanced technology.

Legal issues

The use of ChatGPT can lead to various legal problems. Keyword data protection: ChatGPT processes personal data entered by users or customers. In doing so, the company must ensure that the processing complies with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and that the rights of the data subjects are safeguarded. These include the duty to provide information, consent, purpose limitation and the right to deletion.

Furthermore, the question of liability arises. ChatGPT generates texts that may be incorrect, incomplete, misleading or unlawful. A company must therefore clarify who is responsible for the quality and consequences of the texts and which liability rules apply. Use of the text generator may also result in copyright infringements. The texts created may be protected by copyright or infringe the rights of third parties. Companies must check whether and how ChatGPT is considered an author or a tool and which license conditions apply.

Ethical issues

Companies must be aware that the use of ChatGPT also raises ethical questions. The text generator communicates with users or customers without them knowing that they are interacting with an AI application. It is up to a company to ensure transparency on this point. ChatGPT also influences the opinions, decisions and behavior of customers without them being aware of it. Companies must ensure that the autonomy, freedom and dignity of those involved are respected.

Problems with practical use

If ChatGPT is used in a company, the text generator must be integrated into the company's existing systems, processes and structures. The company must ensure that ChatGPT is compatible with the other applications, databases and interfaces. The text generator must be understood, accepted and used by the employees. For this reason, thorough staff training is unavoidable. The company has a duty to ensure that ChatGPT has an appropriate user interface, understandable language and clear instructions.

Monitoring the text generator

ChatGPT can generate incorrect, incomplete, misleading or illegal texts, which can lead to damage, liability claims or loss of reputation. A company has no choice but to constantly monitor the quality and truthfulness of the texts and correct them if necessary. This means a considerable amount of additional work and requires the use of human and/or machine resources. If the text generator is used to create posts in social media, particular caution is required. If the supposedly technically advanced technology spreads false information about products, services or the company itself, for example, this may not only have legal consequences. Reputation and image can also be permanently damaged with just one incorrect post.