Why Swisscows has what it takes to become a serious competitor to Google

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Egnach, 10 April 2019 – The search engine Swisscows launched in 2014 wants to stand up to Google and become a serious competitor. Why this is not hot air, is obvious.

But before we look at the facts, we need to understand how a search engine works. Using a graphic we try to describe the function of a search engine: As soon as a user starts a search, the query goes to the database, the so-called index. This index is stored in a data center. The index consists of various information, mostly websites or the content of the websites. This information is collected by a crawler over the Internet and stored in the servers of the search engine. Of course, the crawler updates the index over and over again as soon as the information is changed.


There are currently four search engines worldwide that combine the whole concept (crawler, index, data center) of a search engine: Google, Bing, Yandex and Baidu. Swisscows is now pushing into this category of search engine superlatives. The search engine Swisscows has all these technologies and is already in the process of crawling the Internet. The search engine Swisscows belongs to the company Hulbee. For years, Hulbee has been offering the industry the product “Enterprise Search“ , whose job it is to find data within a company. All mentioned technologies like crawler and index already exist. The Swisscows' own servers are proven to be in the Swiss Fort Knox in the Swiss Alps https://swisscows.ch/en/datacenter.


Now it is obvious that Swisscows can become a new Google. The Swiss search engine Swisscows adds the innovative semantic technology here, making it a smart new-generation search engine, making Google look old. This story is reminiscent of the time when Yahoo was the largest search engine provider and Google had just taken its beginnings. At that time, Google offered its innovative search technology to Yahoo - Yahoo refused and now the current generation no longer knows who Yahoo is. But what about the other Google alternatives like DuckDuckgo, Startpage, Qwant etc.? Well, they use the index of Google or Bing. In other words, if Bing or Google no longer offer the services, there will be no alternatives.

Data security gains international importance and continues to give Swisscows the opportunity to win users. They do not have Google's range yet, however, growth is already noticeable and will certainly increase in the future. By the way, not only the users are the basis, but the ability to own a technology, only then the number of users.