DB Group sued for data-greedy smartphone app

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DB Group sued for data-greedy smartphone app

The Digitalcourage association is suing the DB Group for a dubious app. This is used by millions of people who travel by train. A particular boom resulted from the 9 euro ticket. We are talking about the smartphone app "DB Navigator". This provides information about various connection options, possible delays and other information relating to the railroad. A few clicks are all it takes.

Unfortunately, however, this program on the cell phone can do much more, but this remains hidden. There are significant privacy issues - this has been confirmed. A lot of information is passed on to Internet corporations. For example, user data flows directly to Google or Adobe. A lawsuit is being filed against Deutsche Bahn because of this practice.

Rail travel is part of basic service

The reason for this is that normally every train journey is part of the basic service. This makes the position of this app all the more important. Nevertheless, masses of personal data are passed on. This is an encroachment that is unacceptable. The numerous security gaps must be corrected. Cookies are automatically placed on the cell phone during installation. Connections to third parties are then established in the background. This happens before the user even has these options to choose from.

Critical data transmission behavior of the provider

The provider's data transmission behavior is more than just critical. This has been shown by investigations. Incidentally, it is also questionable that the data is sent directly to an internationally operating company called Adrom, which is based in Denmark. This is how the worldwide customized advertising is then created. This practice is illegal. This is also confirmed by numerous lawyers who specialize in data protection law. In fact, in order for the user to receive information about the railroad, these practices are not absolutely necessary.

Although there have already been deadlines and opportunities to remedy these deficiencies, nothing has happened yet. This may be due to Deutsche Bahn's dominant market position. Supposedly, such violations don't really matter. Nevertheless, millions of people are affected. In the meantime, this app has been downloaded more than ten million times.