Does digital vaccination card mean goodbye to data protection?

Does digital vaccination card mean goodbye to data protection?

The European Union has promoted the so-called digital vaccination card as a solution for data protection. However, this digital vaccination card massively interferes with data protection and, in particular, with sensitive data.

The digital green certificate is therefore more than questionable. It is also intended, for example, to make it easier again for vaccinated persons to travel within the Union. The original idea was that this digital green certificate would facilitate the free and safe movement of people during the pandemic. But this is about more than just facilitating freedom of travel.

The following information is recorded:

· Issuing member state
· Date of birth
· Name
· Unique certificate recognition
· Exact details about the recovery time
· Vaccine and the manufacturer, as well as the number of doses and the date of vaccination
· Information about the test certificate, such as test center and result, date and time, and type of test

At first glance, it is obvious how devastating a data leak can be in this regard when it comes to such current green pandemic vaccination cards.

The mere fact of whether a person has been vaccinated against Corona or not is very sensitive information. It is also disturbing that both Google and Apple are doing a lot of correlating work in the background. Incidentally, this is also the case with the controversial electronic patient record. So the question is whether public healthcare institutions should really be made dependent on smartphones, so that at some point the network giants Apple and Google dominate everything.

It is worth mentioning above all that such a digital vaccination card is not safe from forgery anyway. This has been proven by many cases in the past. The green certificate is thus guaranteed to be anything but a ticket to a normal life.