Facebook can track up to 52 percent of the activity

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Facebook can track up to 52 percent of the activity of all Internet users

Studies have shown that Facebook can actually track up to 52% of all users' activities. Profiles and tracking are therefore the order of the day. The online activities of members are quite simply observed or processed.

What the web user does and where he goes is thus automatically known to the software giant. Technical tracking is not a challenge. Thus, the interactions are compiled to condense the profile. This private data is used for targeted advertising. This doesn't even require an account with Facebook. The same is true, by the way, with an account on Instagram or WhatsApp. Researchers have found out that such a membership with the platforms is not even necessary - the tracking still works.

Therefore, there is little point in avoiding such portals completely. Nevertheless, Facebook can largely observe what the user does and where he clicks. Most Internet users do not even know that such shadow profiles are created and evaluated. Even if the service is not used, this is still the case. So machine learning is growing all the time.

Determination of sensitive details

Delicate details such as education level, gender and age are determined. Such consumer profiles are worth a lot on the market when it comes to targeted advertising and tracking. Whether the person signs up on the platform or not is a minor matter. Analytics are becoming more accurate and targeted, desired demographic profiles are then sold accordingly. Even information, such as phone numbers, is collected and passed on.

Data collection is usually always aimed at creating the consumer's profile. Corresponding cookies are installed for user identification. Many companies benefit from information for personalized advertising. This holds out the prospect of higher revenues. Accordingly, the incentives for such user profiles and the information about them are also high.

Rules are disregarded

Although the European Court of Justice has tightened the rules and specifications for personalized advertising, there is always a backdoor for it. Profiles continue to be formed without the user having any idea. The social networks and the logins there play only a minor role.