Google manipulates search engine results

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Recent research has actually shown and proven that search results on Google are manipulated, in some cases they are also edited manually. Basically, the company claims that the algorithms are objectively composed, but this may be doubted. Research has shown that the Internet giant Google does intervene in search results. Therefore, problematic search results and also misinformation often occur. Very many entries are morally and ethically questionable. But often they are even shown in the first places. Few people believe that the algorithm actually determines the order of the search results. It seems logical that there is also human intervention here. In the past, too, Google has repeatedly intervened in search results. This often happened under pressure from the government or valued advertising partners.

Not all are treated equally

According to employees, temporary workers and insiders, it has also been confirmed that Google does not treat everyone equally. Business partners have also admitted that. Websites, such as Amazon or Facebook, are highlighted and listed at the top. The situation is similar with important advertising customers, such as eBay. Until now, search engine giant Google has vehemently denied this. Most people still use Google as a popular search engine. Every day, there are more than 3.45 billion search queries. Therefore, the ranking in this search engine is crucial. Most users relate their search to the first five search results.

Massive interference with the search proposals

Tests were carried out which apparently showed that Google also interfered with the automatic search suggestions. The search field is completed automatically. The search is predicted for the user using the location and search history. There have often been racist or sexist additions in the past, which is why there were repeated problems with Google.

Cleanup of search results

Very many workers or even engineers from Google clean up these search results apparently. The instructions are given directly by Google. As reported in our blog post:

Although Google still holds the supremacy, the critical voices are getting louder. It is hard to miss that Google's market share in Germany as a search engine is more than 90%. But the demand for data secure search engine such as Swisscows is growing. Since the distrust in the Internet giants increases enormously.