Information warfare and transparency against data power

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Information warfare and transparency against data power

The Facebook Files were published last year by Frances Haugen. This revealed a great many abuses concerning the social network. Even in the Ukraine war, social media and its regulation play an important role.

Frances Haugen is a former product manager at Facebook. When it comes to questions about digital services and related laws in the European Union, she is an expert. Nevertheless, she also knows about all the problems related to Meta's algorithms in connection with the Ukraine war. That is why she is in favor of rules on transparency. Researchers should be given access to data from social platforms. More accountability is the goal. So far, democratic control has been poor in terms of digital media laws. Supposedly, it makes sense if the companies' data is made more easily accessible.

Essential access to the data

The question now is to what extent such data is actually essential when it comes to the power of the largest technology corporations. In the opinion of many, these should be limited. Those who want to go down the path of transparency should not follow Facebook's rules. There are still serious abuses at Facebook, but the company ignores them.

It is clear that Facebook is not acting correctly when it comes to these gaps and abuses. There is also the danger of censorship. Facebook likes to talk about content, but it keeps quiet about the underlying algorithms. In this way, the megacorporation is able to reject responsibility.

Metaverse with many flaws

Metaverse is a virtual reality planned by Facebook. Regulation for this area is also still in the stars. After all, a secure infrastructure is needed for this. In recent months, there have very often been outright information wars in the current social media. Very often, for example, social media are also misused by Russia. False information is passed on and spread. Although Facebook basically has technology to stop these actions, things are going very slowly. For example, there are not enough competent moderators. Although Ukraine approached Facebook from the very beginning to stop this information war, unfortunately Facebook did not listen to it.