Google is in the hottest antitrust seat, but Apple and the rest of Big Tech shouldn’t breathe easy

A fifth  lawsuit against Google in U.S. — this one focused on Android and its app  store — is just part of a wider set of actions that show ‘federal,  state, and local government agree: Big Tech is a big problem’.

Now facing its fifth government antitrust lawsuit, Google appears to  be the biggest target in the wave of Big Tech investigations around the  world.

But Alphabet Inc.’s          GOOGL,         -0.96%                GOOG,         -0.62%       internet giant is far from alone. Antitrust experts warn that  more inquiries into the biggest tech companies in the world are on the  way after President Joe Biden’s non-binding executive order on Friday, which addressed competition in tech head-on.

“Google isn’t the only one in the crosshairs of policy makers,”  antitrust attorney Ashley Keller told MarketWatch, echoing the opinions  of legal experts.

Aggressive state legislation is already looking into the sway of Apple Inc.’s          AAPL,         -0.45%       App Store while waiting for a decision in the Epic Games Inc. antitrust lawsuit, and some colorful language in a recent decision on a Federal Trade Commission lawsuit against Facebook Inc.          FB,         -0.91%       suggests the social network isn’t in the clear. Adding to the climate, Lina Khan’s FTC has its eyes on Inc.          AMZN,         -1.37%,       reportedly including its recently announced $8.5 billion acquisition bid for movie studio MGM.

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