What is cybergrooming?

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Cybergrooming is directly related to sexual abuse and is a term used in this area. Perpetrators proceed strategically and have sinister intentions toward boys or girls. Contact is sought, trust is built up. The perception of the person concerned is manipulated accordingly. The victim and the perpetrator automatically become entangled in a kind of dependency. Those affected do not share with anyone. Such an act and cybergrooming are seen as preparation for child sexual abuse and are therefore punishable by law. This also applies in the event that cybergrooming takes place online, for example in a chat. The perpetrators always search for their victims on the Internet, which is where the term cybergrooming originated. Different social networks are used for this purpose. This also includes Instagram, for example. The same also applies to various chat functions in online games. In this way, the criminals manage to establish initial contact with young people or children.

An easy game for the perpetrator

The perpetrator has an easy game through the Internet. It is much easier to pick a girl or a boy carefully without being discovered. The young people and children design their profiles accordingly and provide the perpetrators with important information, for example about their hobby or taste in music. As a result, similarities are feigned and closeness is established.

Children and young people always feel safe on the Internet because they are within their own four walls. However, the normal analog protection mechanisms in life fail. Unfortunately, very many perpetrators actually belong to the circle of friends and use this option to seek more intensive contact with the child or adolescent. The perpetrator pretends to understand the child's concerns and goes against the adults. This makes him an important contact person, and trust is created. Much attention is paid to the child.

A meeting as a goal

The sexual abuse in cybergrooming is unfortunately carried out both online and offline. The perpetrator's goal is to continue his advances in real life. A real meeting is being pushed. The sexual acts are in the foreground. There are often blackmail situations with corresponding photos.

What parents can do

Educational professionals and parents can act correctly and preventively. In principle, children and young people should always be informed about the risks of the Internet. This is especially true when it comes to photos or data from their personal environment. Once registered on the Internet, the data can never be deleted again. Most children and young people, however, are subject to the appeal of this medium. It is therefore important to maintain intensive discussions with the next generation. The focus should be on education and information.