Privacy Shield 2.0 - Small first steps of the EU and USA

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Privacy Shield 2.0 - Small first steps of the EU and USA

Finally, there is news regarding the successor for the agreement - meaning the Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework. This should regulate and ensure a secure exchange of data. Of course, there are also reactions and criticism to this.

A data exchange agreement

There has always been a certain degree of legal uncertainty since 2020 when it comes to data exchange. Even the European Court of Justice did not immediately find a solution to this. The so-called Privacy Shield agreement was nevertheless invalid and was also shown to be invalid accordingly. This agreement had previously strictly regulated the transfer of personal data. It mainly concerned the exchange of data between the United States and European companies. This was effectively the successor to the Safe Harbor agreement - which was replaced in 2016. A data protection activist named Max Schrems put an end to it. Hence the rulings of the same name.

The future is written in the stars

Now the question for many is how to proceed. In the future, secure data exchange should be regulated by the Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework (TADPF). Supposedly, this will ensure a secure and free flow of data.

The goal is to protect fundamental rights and privacy so that American surveillance can no longer have any influence. Such surveillance measures will allegedly only be possible in the future if they are proportionate and necessary for security due to national interests.